Do We Really Need Another Real Estate Blog?

Ken Bedford officeIn asking this question I’m assuming that my readers (If you are reading this then hooray, there are some) know what a blog is. I mean, you have to start somewhere. A blog is like a diary. In this case, it’s a professional diary – a collection of thoughts and comments about my job and the context in which I do it. I have been contemplating blog posting for some time, but in the process of researching real estate blogs I came to realize that; 1) there are lots of them, and, 2) there really was no point in joining the fray unless I could contribute something unique and avoid promoting another endlessly optimistic real estate website where ecstatic buyers and sellers heap praise on their agents, who in turn find true fulfillment by helping their clients purchase and sell “dream homes”. Please don’t misunderstand – I believe in happy, grateful clients and I’m also pretty sure that I would have not spent 23 years in the business if money was the only reward.

The brokerage with which I am affiliated, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, is a top notch company. We jointly maintain a first class website,  , which I strongly recommend that you use to complement my services in facilitating your real estate search. It offers cutting edge web technology, contains all the information you need including nearly all Manhattan, the Boroughs, Westchester and Long Island listings without switching sites, and guides you through the home buying/selling process in case you are not already familiar with it. It’s also fun and easy to use and a great alternative to late night television.  When you browse the site, don’t be afraid to register as my client because you will receive in return additional content and functionality. I promise to leave you alone until you are ready to connect.

My goal for the blog is to augment the already enormous amount of information out there with professional opinions, personal observations, a few stories, and unapologetic promotion for my client’s listings since I owe them at least that. My promise is to deliver genuinely useful and accurate content with a minimum of heaviosity.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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